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Register subscribers to receive more than $12 million in gift cheques to help local nonprofits

SANTA ANA, Calif. - Nov. 16, 2012 - Starting late next week, more than 124,000 seven-day subscribers of the Orange County Register will begin receiving gold envelopes in the mail containing $100 gift cheques, which they may designate to an Orange County-based 501c3 charitable organization they care about most passionately.

Once designating any one of the 6,000-plus 501c3 organizations in Orange County they wish to support, subscribers simply sign and mail back the $100 gift cheques to the Register. Charities may then redeem the gift cheques collected toward advertising in the Register, which ultimately provide opportunities for local charities to promote and rally support for their missions.

"One of the most powerful things a newspaper can do is unite and inspire people to act on something meaningful," said Aaron Kushner, Freedom CEO and Register Publisher. "As Register members redeem these gift cheques, they provide a pathway for Orange County charities to devote more resources toward critical needs and life-saving programs that strengthen our community."

Kushner first announced the gift cheque program to nonprofit and community leaders at the National Philanthropy Day Orange County luncheon on Thursday, and described the program as the Registerís biggest investment yet. He added the program is an invitation for loyal subscribers to make a tangible impact personally, and that each charity receiving a gift cheque will have an opportunity to redeem the gift cheques to enhance their marketing of events, to recruit volunteers and facilitate fundraising.

In all, the Register is issuing $12.4 million in gift cheques. A list of potential charitable beneficiaries for the gift in Orange County will be available at later in the month.